Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Confusion at the Grocery Store and Teaching Less Actives

Hey Everyone!  

Well I got a new companion this Wednesday!  His name is Elder Sorronda and like my trainer and follow up, he is Bisaya.  He is super nice. Sometimes I feel like I am evil when I am next to him because all he is is kind!  He loves to make American foods, so we have stuff like mashed potatoes often.  I can't complain since food is food!  Its like we were opposite, he learned to make American foods and I learned to make Filipino foods.  We really confuse people when they see me buying FIlipino foods and him buying American foods hahaha!  

Anyways we are doing some good work here in Naguilian.  We have 2 new investigators who literally attended our District meeting to find us.  They weren't able to attend church since they were both sick but they seem really interested.  I also had an amazing conversation with a less active on Sunday.  His name is Brother Tagaromo and for the past year he has had problems with his work as a mechanic.  I shared with him a scripture in 2 Nephi about how God invites all people to come to church and repent, no matter what has happened in their lives.  After I shared the scripture we has a good talk about repentance and keeping the commandments.  

He also asked about rich people.  He asked why they lived so easy lives and didn't have any problems.  I tried to explain that even rich people have problems, they are just different from people who aren't rich.  I also explained that it can be harder for rich people to go to heaven because many are selfish and do not think of others and are too focused on worldly possessions.  After the talk I felt really good.  He said that he would like to attend church so I am really hopeful that I will see him next week.  

I have not heard conference yet, but I am excited for the opportunity to be able to listen to the words of the prophet and apostles.  

I am just about always going to be the Senior Companion now.  In fact, most of my batch is now training, so I may follow next cycle but nothing is positive yet.  In 2 cycles we are going to get a new Mission President.  It will be interesting to see what changes here.  

Well anyways I don't have much more for this week. I am continuing to do well here.  
I love you all and will talk to you again soon!


Elder Zach Warren

(4/4/16 Email)