Friday, March 10, 2017

New Area - Angadanan and Pics!!

Hello Friends and Family!

Well, I have finally transferred out of the office!  Its crazy to finally be back in the field again!  The first couple of days were just a little difficult for me because I had to adjust to no longer sitting in am office chair all day, but I feel so good now.  I feel like I am getting in shape again and really helping to progress the best work!  

My new companion is Elder Panton.  He is a very new Elder here in the mission which is a little weird for me because I am so old in the mission!  I can not believe that in 2 days I reach 20 months.  That is so crazy for me.  I still remember clearly the night before I left to go to the MTC.    

Anyway, Elder Panton has only been companions with his trainer so I am his second companion in the mission.  He is so nice and funny though.  I have no doubt that we will get along very well.  He is also a great missionary!  He knew his area very well and was able to teach amazingly!  I was shocked to be honest because it took me a lot more time to get to the point at which he is at!  I am very lucky to have him as my companion.  

I love my new area in Angadanan.  The people are very nice here and I haven't been fed this much in my entire mission!  I love these members already and I have only been here for a week.  We have one area that we have to take a boat to get to and it is a pretty beautiful area.  I will definitely have to take some more pictures of it next week!  

Also in other news I am now a district leader!  It is a little weird for me to be in a position like this because I have been so used to just being a missionary, but it is a good experience for me and I am enjoying it! :)  So this week I have been putting marker tabs in my scriptures to mark all of the scriptures in the Preach My Gospel (missionary study guide).  One of my goals was to mark all of the scriptures in the PMG for the lessons we teach and I am to the 3rd lesson so far.  I believe that I can get through all 5 lessons before I go home and have them all marked and scripture tabbed.  

The other day I was looking at my scriptures and noticed just how used they are getting!  I can no longer see my name on them!!!  But I love these scriptures and I will never get rid of them.  I have so many personal notes and revelations inside of them that are special to me and my mission experience.  It's crazy for me to think that these scriptures have been with me since I was 12 years old.  They have helped me out so much through out my life, especially these past 20 months.  

I am so grateful to have access to the words of the Lord.  They provide so much help, joy and happiness in our lives if we will just heed to them and follow the commandments of our Heavenly Father! :)  He has provided the way, the path, and the Light!  If we follow it, we will  become so happy not just in this life, but in the life to come!  I am so grateful for how much our Father loves us and all He has done just so that He can have his children return to his presence.  Let's honor his desire and do all that we can so that we can come back to His open arms that are outstretched towards us!!!  

I love you all and will talk to you all again next week!

Elder Zach Warren