Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 2 - MTC

Email to Dad:
Week Two has been awesome and only a little hard!  We have taught 5 lessons already ad the language is really starting to click.  Alam ko po na mapagmahal po ang ating Ama sa Langit.  We were given a challenge by our teacher to bear our testimonies at least 3 times a day and as of yesterday to start giving a quick three minute overview of the restoration to people in our native tongue.  It's kind of become a competition in our district to see how many people we can bear our testimonies to everyday.  So far I am one of the best.  I didn't really realize how well I was doing with the language until I started to talk to other classes and realize I was way ahead of them.  This is probably the most fun I have had in forever.  I laugh about every 5 minutes or so.  These guys are hilarious.  Elder Bice is a lot like Grandpa Warren.  He is super funny and very sarcastic.  I learned this week that the mission we are gong to in the Philippines is the most rural.  We will most likely be eating monkey brains at some point as well as encounter humongous spiders that are have webs that stretch between the streets.  Yum and awesome right!!!?  Although it probably is a violation of the white Bible, I will most likely purchase a machete so as to stay alive.  Teaching is progressively getting easier.  The first two lessons I couldn't really understand what the investigator was saying, but now I am starting to get the hang of it.  We have to teach two people this coming week which should be a little interesting.  On a side note I also learned that missionaries who go to the Philippines on average lose about 20 pounds.  I have been trying to stock up on food, but it has had no effect on my weight so far.  I am adjusting to the food amazingly well.  I just learned that I have to stay away from the chocolate milk because it goes straight through you.  I loved the snacks you sent us.  We have already gone through just about all of them hahaha.  I don't think we will ever adjust to the 5 pm dinner.  

I have never been afraid to tell people I am a Mormon because I see it as an advantage.  People look at all the rules we have and say, man you guys can't do anything fun.  When in fact its exactly the opposite.  We can take things that shouldn't be fun and make them fun.  Me and Blakes took two crutches and went sparring between sidewalks.  We dressed as CIA agents and messed with people in the mall.  All everyone else knows how to do is party and quite frankly it's lame.  I don't care what doubts a person can have about the church, it is true.  We get a joy that doesn't come with any side effects.  We don't wake up the next morning feeling awful, in fact usually we wake up the next morning feeling better then we did before.  Religion isn't for the weak.  It's for the strong-hearted.  It's for the people who take pride in what they do.  Who give a 110% in anything they commit too.  A mission isn't merely a two year service.  It's a two year battle with an ever increasing complexity to fight to save another persons eternal salvation.  If you approach a mission with that sense of attitude, then you will be successful. 


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