Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 3 - MTC

So this week was pretty cool and surprisingly fast.  I am getting better and better with Tagalog.  A lot of things have changed about the MTC since you were here.  It makes teaching lessons more interesting, because there is no set plan and it can be difficult at times.  I am picking up the language really fast  We had one lesson that was an incredible experience for me.  We walked in and the investigator was washing clothes.   Right away I new our lesson plan wasn't going to fit her needs.  She started with asking us why we came to her house and we said that her kids cared about her and wanted her to come back to church.  I kept a conversation with her to get to know here until she finally came and sat down with us.  I was prompted to talk about how God loved her and because he loved her, he created families.  I as on that topic when the Spirit flooded over me.  I began to bear my testimony in Tagalog like never before.  I would not be able to tell you everything I said, but I knew without a doubt that she felt the spirit.  I knew that this was the first of many similar incidents to come.  Sadly during that lesson my companion was only able to ask one question, so this week his goal is to become more fluent and more independent.  That way we each get to teach about half the lesson.   Anyways, besides that the week went by really fast.   I've been tearing it up in volleyball and basketball.  Sadly, I am not allowed to dunk, touch the rim, or even touch the backboard.  I miss those days. This week was actually the first week I played basketball and man do I still have my touch.  Our group also always finds a way to get scolded by Brother "Redhead" as I refer to him.  He isn't our teacher, but everytime we do something  that we think is ok, but isn't , he comes and tells us it's not ok in Tagalog and then apologizes for the inconvenience.  If he was really sorry he would just be fine with it.  For example we got in trouble for listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which are teacher said was ok but I guess it isn't.  Whatever. I have been continuing to work out and try to put as much food on my plates as I can.  On average I grab three plates of food, but I still seem to lose weight.  Most of it is fat though and I have the possibility of obtaining some abs while I am on my mission.  I hope everything is going well back in P-Town!  I can't believe I am already almost half way through the MTC!  Everyone here is great.  Have fun at Trek!  It's a lot of walking.


Elder Warren

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