Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transfers and Another Food Update

Hello Family!!!

Well I guess I kind of lied last week, my companion in fact did get transferred!  It was a little bit of a sad week for me, but I am ok now.  My new companion is actually pretty awesome!  His name is Elder Rebojo and he is actually from the same batch as Elder Canencia.  

Since I am now leading the area, I actually got to go down streets I have been wanting to check out and we ended up finding some very potential investigators!  It feels weird being in charge now.  I feel like I am getting old in this area haha.  I have been here for 2 and a half months.  

I am now eating rice and pancit for every meal now.  Its actually pretty good, but I think my skin is getting a little stretchy haha.  At our ward council meeting I was able to successfully talk about all of our recent converts, less actives, investigators, and describe their needs all in Tagalog.  After the meeting we went with Brother Kevin, a return missionary to a less active Sister and let me tell you, the spirit was so strong.  We hadn't had a lot of luck that day with lessons and I think we were ready to get in a good lesson with someone.  The women actually really wanted to come to church, at least to sacrament meeting, but her father was in the hospital, so she couldn't.  

Leading your area is a big responsibility.  You need to know the names of those you teach, where you teach them and when you can teach them.  This week I have felt like I am now worthy enough to be leading my area yet, but I guess I did pretty good for my first week.  I have contacting down now.  I can say and get everything I need in like 2 minutes.  I am actually pretty proud of how my Tagalog has been progressing.  

As for food this week... I had blood!  It actually tastes pretty good and I don't really mind the texture but it is pretty weird.  Along with this, I had kikiam and fish balls which are probably the greatest things ever.  I am on the Filipino diet now, that includes rice, pancit and chicken.  That is really about all I eat now.  

I am doing great now though.  I joke around with the presidents in my ward because I have enough vocabulary to do that.  My new companion is a lot more serious than Elder Canencia so someone has to make up for his absence!  I am too used to this area haha.  But I love the fact that now I can explore the places I haven't been yet.  After all, we as missionaries can not leave any stone unturned!!!  

I miss you guys and love you guys but the time is flying by so fast.  Before I know it it is going to be christmas and I will be able to talk to all of you face to face!  I love you all and hopefully I can send some pictures soon.  Maybe not this week though because I am still trying to get them off Elder Howards camera...  

Love you!

Elder Warren
(email sent on 11/9/15)

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