Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CTR and Food Update

Hello everyone!

Well it was another week in the lie of a missionary!  It was jam packed with proselyting, meetings, and tracting!  What was super sweet was that a member of the 70, who is in charge of the health of all the missionaries came to our mission to come talk to us!  It was a great meeting, and very powerful.  I learned a lot from this meeting, including ways to get better contacting.  I have really been working on contacting, since that is the best way to get better at the language!  

Yesterday,  I just decided to Choose the Right... street and I ended up meeting some very good potentials.  I was able to teach them the first lesson without the pamphlet because our mission has no more.  In fact we have been out for a week!  I guess that just goes to show how our mission is hastening the work!  But anyways I got 3 new investigators just in 10 minutes.  it turns out they had even been coming to our church activities already and have been wanting to learn more about the church!  Finding new investigators is so easy for me now.  I always seem to find random streets I have never been down and I just tell my companion we are going down them. On average, I find 1 - 2 people who know about our church and want to learn more about it.  I really just wish I didn't have to give them the lesson 3 pamphlets now hahaha.  

Anyways, I am kind of all over the place today with this email, sorry haha.  For the meeting with the member of the 70 we had to get up at 3:30 a.m..  It was not a very fun day.  I had to work to stay awake, but somehow I did (unlike all of those times back in Paradise).  I loved being able to see my 4 roommates from the MTC!  We had some good laughs and talked about the struggles in our areas haha.  I also got 2 dinners for the first time during this mission in the period of a week!  Mom I guess I should've been nicer to missionaries, then maybe I would have more dinner appointments now.  

Besides that, I did not get hit by another car this week.  I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting this fast sunday, but it didn't go over so well.  I was so tired that when I first came up I said "we believe" instead of "i know".  I didn't give a long testimony but I had an overwhelming sense of peace come over me.  I feel like sometimes I go so hard that I don't remember to settle down and really feel the Spirit.  After all, the Spirit is our greatest tool as missionaries.  

I wish I had more to say about my week but that is pretty much it.  Oh wait........... FOOD!  Holy cow did I have some GOOD stuff this week.  I tried this ice cream called quezo real ice cream.  As you've probably already guess, yes it was cheese ice cream but for some really strange reason it tasted amazing!  I also had squid this week which pretty much just tasted like salt.  All of the Halloween costumes looked great!  Natalie did a great job in the performance!  You guys are wayy to busy though.  I do not miss those days.  Well I am doing great here.  I am still with my companion so I think he will be my companion through Christmas!  Wow I can't believe it is already that close.  January marks my 6 months completed.  Dang I am too old.  

Well I love all of you guys!

Elder Warren

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