Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Service Projects and Blessing the Dead

Hello Family!

This week was a good week, but like always it had its exciting moments!  We are continuing to have more young men attend our weekly family home evenings at our Branch presidents house.  Some have even started to attend church so we are going to go visit them.  They could be the key to having success in this area.  It also could be an answer to the prayers of the members because they are really in need of some more Priesthood holders.  

On Tuesday we had a Zone Conference.  During this meeting we got our new Standards of excellence and although not a lot has changed they have put in a new category.  It is for investigators attending church.  We are now supposed to report how many investigators attend church weekly.  The goal for each week is at least 4 investigators each week.  This is a little more difficult of a category to track, but I know it will push me to become a more effective teacher.  

We also got a lot of lectures on how to be more effective Missionaries.  One thing that stuck with me is the CASH system.  CASH stands for comment, ask, smile, and help.  I really feel like this is the most effective way to contact someone on the streets.  You start off by giving them a comment, something natural, not to cheesy.  Then you ask them an inspired unique question that will help get them thinking about gospel topics.  For example you could ask: Have you ever wondered what you are doing here on earth.  When they respond, you can then ask if they are interested to learn more about the topic.  At the conclusion of your short 30 second contact, you offer to help them with whatever they are doing.  I feel like this is a great way to show people what we as missionaries do.  We don't just want to get to know others, we also want to help them, and leave any area we go stronger then when we started.  

We had a service project this week at Mama Tins house which was a lot of fun.  We helped her take out a thick patch of weeds in her back yard.  It was fun to be with everyone in my district.  It was also a great way to show the surrounding neighbors what we do for others and the great community our church has.  Many of the Elderly came up to us and thanked us for what they were doing.  It feels good to spread so much joy to others.  

I honestly can say that making others happy is like my new motto in life.  Even acknowledging someone with a smile can make there day brighter.  Kids tend to like to abuse my arms, but I just smile and allow them to climb my arms because I enjoy hearing them laugh and have a fun time.  It is also a great way to keep my arms in shape haha!  I know that joy is an essential part of missionary work.  Its a way to introduce yourself and show that you aren't just another person who is trying to push their beliefs onto you.  We merely want to share in the joy of our Savior and his plan for all of us. 

On that note, I will now dive into the excitement of my week!  So I TOTALLY forgot I had to give a talk yesterday and the branch president forgot to remind me about it.  I only had about 15 minutes to prepare it so about half of it was in English sadly.  Thankfully, most of the Branch understood the talk and actually got something out of it.  

The other excitement for me was I had to give a dead elderly woman a blessing.  I know that may sound weird, but it is true.  We had our lunch appointment after church and right towards the end we get a call.  Before I know whats going on, Elder Fernande says we need to go.  When we get to the house, the first thing I notice is that all the women are crying.  Right away, I knew something wasn't right.  When I looked into the room, I knew why.  Apparently the woman had passed away about 30 minutes before we got there.  Elder Fernandez didn't really know what to do in the situation, but he knew they wanted us to bless her.  So he asked if I would.  I was a little uncomfortable touching her head, as she had passed away, but I did and proceeded to give a blessing.  After the blessing I was still a little uncomfortable, but I felt at peace and knew she was going where she needed to go.  Of course, immediately after the blessing I asked for hand sanitizer and reported it to the Branch president like I am supposed to.  I hope I was able to help that family.  

Well I am continuing to do well here.  I have a picture with me and my batch mate from the MTC who is now in my zone.  I also have a picture of me here at the net shop with my new haircut listening to some EFY music!  

Well until next week, I love you all!  Have more JOY IN YOUR LIFE PEOPLE!  After all, at least your not dead.


Elder Warren

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