Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Understanding the Atonement

Hello Everyone!

Well this week was a good one.  Today we went to Magat Dam.  There we got to ride on a boat that was kind of flooding but it's ok, no one got really wet.  We got to go to a floating hut hatchery where they grow hundreds of fish.  It was really cool.  Afterwards,my favorite part, I got to have baby back ribs at a carinderia.  I didn't want it to end!  

I would like to take a quick second to thank Aunt Wendy for my Birthday card.  I would also like to thank Brianna for writing!  And thank you to the Matthews family for the letters.  A common trend in all the letters is what is the weirdest thing I have eaten.  Bare in mind it is very hard to compare these foods.  I would have to say one of the weirdest foods that I have eaten is chicken feet.  The fact that the toes pet you as you attempt to eat it is pretty weird.  Snails are kind of salty and have a very slimy texture.  Ballut is just a hard boiled egg with bones, feathers, and a miniature brain hahaha.  I have also had duck which has the same consistency as liver.  Another weird thing I have eaten is fried blood.  Now that is weird.  It is solidified blood on a stick.  Its like a level above a corn dog!  

This week for work we are trying to focus on our investigators.  We made some good progress with them in the past couple of weeks.  Sadly, this Sunday not many attended due to the fiesta that is going on in our town.  It is pretty big.  This coming Thursday and Friday no stores will be open.  

One of our investigators is getting really close, we just need to get him to attend church for a full month.  This week we talked about the Atonement that Jesus Christ paid for us.  While we were discussing it, I came across a sentence that said He felt our pains, our sufferings, and our temptations.  It never occurred to me that he also felt all of the things we were tempted to do.  It just made me realize that the next time I am ever tempted to do something wrong, I know that my Savior felt that same temptation.  

Well I love you all!

Elder Warren

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