Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 2 of Pneumonia

Hello Everyone!

Well I decided early on that I was gonna be positive in any situation that I faced.  Don't get me wrong, the pneumonia has probably been my biggest challenge yet in the mission field.  But I decided I wasn't going to let it get me down.  I have probably spent more time reading and praying than I ever have in the mission and I now see the importance of both.  Prayer is our way to communicate about anything we want or need to with our Father in Heaven.  I have felt his love and presence every time that I have gotten on my knees and asked him for help and guidance through this time.  As I have read my scriptures I have gotten even closer to him still.  I love the stories in the Bible.  I love how I am able to play out all of the things that occur in my mind like reading a movie kind of.  

Right now I read about King David and all of the trials that occurred in his life for the sin he committed with another woman.  He was given all he could ever ask for from the Lord but he still desired more.  It taught me more on being thankful for what I have.  

Being a missionary in the Philippines is not easy, and being my size is even more difficult.  I always seem to be hungry and can't satisfy my ever ending hunger, but it has also helped me to become more and more thankful for the basic things I have in life.  I am now so grateful for the bed I have, the clothes I can wear everyday, the clean purified water I am able to drink, and the food I am able to afford.  I may not be able to eat as much as I once used to, or be able to eat all of the foods I like to eat, but I am that much more thankful for what I am able to have.  I have less than I did, but I am happier than I used to be. 

Well I am happy for Spencer.  It seems like we have someone else in our family going on a mission every year.  Jacob will be following suit next year!  I am excited to see where all of our family ends up going!  Any area we are assigned to is where we truly belong and God has prepared certain people just for us to preach the gospel to.  May we all fulfill our 2 years honorably.  

I may be at a rough point right now in my mission but if I put my full trust and faith in the Lord, I know I can get through this.  I'm still alive and breathing and I am in the best place I could be!  I will continue to heed the counsel of my President and try my best to recover quickly.  I'm never going to give up.  I may not be the strongest or the best, but I know that through Our Lord all things are possible!  I wish I had more to report on work for this week, but sadly beside a couple of hours of work, I was mainly couped up inside the house!  Well hopefully I can give you a better report next week!  

I love you all and will talk to you again soon!

Elder Warren

Hey dad I am alive!  So they sent me to the Missionary Recovery Center which is basically the Manila MTC.  I have now been here since Wednesday evening.  They finally figured out that on top of pneumonia I got plaricy.  It is an uncommon case (of course I get this) and so of course the doctors over in Cauayan didn't know how to treat it!  On the bright side within 12 hours of me arriving here at the MRC, they found what was wrong, got me the right medicine that I actually needed, and then started to actually have me rest.  For the first time in weeks I can breathe all of the way normally!  They said that most likely I will be able to go back to my mission on Wednesday which I am looking forward to.  Although I love the fact that I can just eat a ton of food here, I am missing the field and doing more than eating, sleeping, reading, and eating again.  On the bright side, I have read about 4 books in the Bible since I have been here! Pretty impressive huh?  

Love ya!  Your son,
Elder Warren

Returning back from the MRC! Ready to get back to work!!

Hanging out with my Mission President

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