Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week 4 - MTC

So I will be heading to the Philippines in about 2 and a half weeks in three Wednesdays from now.  The weeks are definitely cruising along, which is really nice to say the least.  I am so ready to get out into the real world and invite the Spirit into the hearts of the Filipinos!!!  So all of our investigators are staged.  We start next week video chatting with members from the Philippines.  We also do a thing called TRC, which is where you teach lessons on Tuesdays to return missionaries from the Philippines.  In my district, or room, there are 4 of us going to the Cuauyan Mission and the other 4 are going to Urdaneta.  My investigators now are all of my teachers, so it's nice that they can see are progression and also be aware of what we need to work on!  This week I had a little bit of an accident.  I was playing volleyball when someone from the opposing side tried to spike the ball onto my side of the court.  Well my instincts were so good that I went to stop the ball, which I did.  But in the process of doing so, I jammed my left thumb pretty bad hahaha.  Half of my palm swelled up and it was pretty purple for a couple of days.  Luckily now the swelling is gone and the hand is just slightly purple.  It's quite beautiful actually.  
The MTC is going well, but I am just slightly tired of looking at the same buildings day after day...  Man I wish I was going back to school in a week... NOT!  Haha tell Jacob to have fun with homework.  This week we had one lesson where my small notebook with all of my important scriptures fell out.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted to share that scripture and it would've helped our commitments to have been more successful.  I was feeling a small loss when I talked to my zone leaders.  Their story is beyond compare.  They had to teach 3 lessons that day.  During their video chat lesson, the investigator couldn't understand one of the Elders accent.  He ended with a commitment for her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  She said Opo, or yes, and then they proceeded to close with a prayer.  After the prayer she told them they forgot to give her a commitment!!  Hahaha then comes the best part.  In their last lesson with an investigator, they forgot their Bible and Triple Combo in Tagalog.  They couldn't share any scriptures they wanted to.  One of the Elders saw that the investigator had a BLUE and Aklat ni Mormon, so he proceeded to take it and try to find a scripture in Moses.  Needless to say they didn't find the scripture.  Then when it came time to give them something to read, instead of giving the investigator a commitment to read about the Gospel, they committed the investigator to read a part on the Creation of Adam and Eve.  I felt soo much better after that.  As a missionary ​you have good lessons and bad lessons; I'm just glad I haven't had one that bad yet.

Take care.


Elder Warren

Another Temple Day with the District

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