Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 6 - Last One in MTC!

Hey family!

So as you know this week has been a severely long one, but it is getting better and better.  Before I start I wanted to finally reveal a personal goal of mine while I am on my mission.  it is to stay positive no matter what the circumstances.  Overall that mindset has really changed my perspective on life.  Through all of these trials, I have been able to face them and by doing so, i end up stronger and happier.  
It is finally coming to that time where everyone is getting back into school!  I hope that Andrew is doing well in Humboldt as he has still been slacking on emailing me! Haha.  I think it is funny that Jake got stung by bees.  Maybe it will be a humbling experience for him ;)  Biro biro  Luckily for you mom, this won't be your last email from me in the MTC.  I will be able to email again on Wednesday so try and respond before then.  I can't believe that I am already about a month and a half there.  That leaves basically 22 months left since I am supposed to come back about 2 weeks early.  
The MTC has been an amazing experience.  I loved the opportunity of being a Zone Leader.  I got to know the Zone so well and these new Elders are soo awesome.  I am gonna miss all of them.  I am super excited to head out!  The official flight plan is from Salt lake city to Tokyo.  And then from Tokyo to the Philippines.  I am pretty sure that the visas all went through and we are ready to travel.  I believe that I finally sent that letter back home, but I will double check to make sure.  My goal for these next 4 days is to get my suit dry cleaned.  if it doesn't happen, I will be thoroughly stinky on the way home........  Anyways that is about it for now!  I will talk to you again soon and i will try and send pictures at some point!!  Love you all!


Elder Warren

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