Monday, January 11, 2016

My First Transfer

Hello Family!
Well I was in fact transferred!  During that day I actually was not that nervous, I was more excited!  My new area is right here in Cauayan City and MAN do I love it here.  Everything is so close and they have dunken donuts and KFC.  Talk about heaven.  This is the moment I have been waiting for.  I will now look forward to district meetings because after those I get to go eat at those delicious restaurants. 
My new area is pretty dang huge.  It takes a whole week just to go through it all!  Talk about having some work ahead of me.  The first Sunday was a little bit of a surprise for me.  I found that I am now in a branch, not a ward.  And this branch is really small, like really small.  We had about 30 members that day which was a little bit of a shock for me.  I have a lot of work to do, but I am really excited for the opportunity to do so!  These members are very nice though and willing to work with us which is exactly what I love to hear!  My new companion's name is Elder Fernandez and he is originally from Monilla.  I am now the Senior Companion which is insane for me to be honest.  I am actually following him up which means that most likely I could be training NEXT CYCLE! 
Wow does time fly.  I made an attempt this week to take the opportunity to start the conversation with our lesson appointments and find out the needs and concerns of the people.  It wasn't that hard.  And since I am the follow up, technically Elder Fernandez should be leading so I give him a lot of lean way on where he wants to go and who he wants to teach. It has made the process go a lot smoother.  I still have many areas to check out and need to really try to remember where everything is in the next 6 weeks haha.  I am definitely noticing that the amount of responsibility is getting bigger for me, which means I just need to work harder to meet my goals! 
Anyways I had a great time during New Years Eve!  I got to be with the Victorian Elders since their appartment wasn't safe for the night.  We had a fun time going to a FHE and then being locked up after 6.  We just played some cards and talked.  We were actually allowed by the President to go out and watch the Fireworks which was really nice.  Some people went crazy for New Years Eve.  I heard music until 3 in the morning when I was trying to sleep!!!! 
I also got to bear my testimony this week during fast and testimony meeting.  I really felt the spirit and it was kind of like another building experience that just let me know the church is true.  I also surprised a lot of the members because they expected that I would bear my testimony in Tagalog hahaha.  This area is very good at English which could come in handy if I ever get super duper tired.  Anyways I had a good week and I am excited for the new challenges and blessings that come with a new area!  I love you all and although I do not have any pictures yet, I will definitely get some to you next week  
Love you,
Elder Warren

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