Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cheap Pizza and Finding True Happiness

Hello Everyone!

Well I did have another good week full of week and just recently, pizza!!!!  This week, we discovered that Greenwich pizza is pretty dang cheap.  So Elder King and I split one and it is about $3 per person.  That includes a Hawaiian slushy!  Man is it DELICIOUS!  

I have also been working hard with our investigators.  Literally we have around 30 investigators but we can never get them to attend church.  Pretty soon I may have to start using the Force to drag them into the church!  Many of them actually expressed interest, but interestingly SOMETHING always seems to come up...  I will get to the bottom of this strange occurrence!  Until then I will make sure I pray and exercise stronger faith.  

So as for a special story: for the past couple of weeks Mama Tin has really been struggling to be happy.  She has been having some trouble with some of the members and things are hard right now for her with a baby on the way.  Yesterday she gave a talk on how the members can fulfill their callings to the fullest.  She testified to me later that night that when she gave her talk, unlike all the other times she had talked, all of the members who usually talked were paying attention to her.  She said that never in her life had she felt the Spirit so strongly while giving a talk.  It was amazing to see how happy that had made her.  

Elder Sorronda and I had been trying to find ways to make her happy (none of my usual humor worked...) and I guess this was what she needed.  It was one of many instances where I can testify that if we endure and continue to choose the right, the Lord will lighten our burdens.  Mama Tin is trully a great member and she has endured a lot to get to where she is now.  I will say though that she really seems to like when I act goofy.  I did one of my impressions when I could tell she was just done with her crazy kids.  I did my impression and I kid you not, she was crying for the next 30 seconds.  That day I felt more accomplished than usual.  

Well I think that is about it for this week.  I will continue to work with these investigators and make the members laugh!  Until next week!


Elder Warren

emailed on May 22, 2016

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