Sunday, June 5, 2016

Yet Another Food Joint, Street Flood and Frog Invasion!!

Hi Everyone!  

I can't believe that summer is already here.  Man its been a long time now.  It truly amazes me to think about how much time has gone by already.  The scary part is that I have only been in 2 areas so far.  So in the next year, I could only have 2 more areas!!! Thats crazy!  

Thats too bad to hear about the death of Scottie.  He was such an amazing kid.  I always enjoyed seeing him when I went to their house those couple of times.  I know he is reunited with Heavenly Father and watching over his family now.  His happiness is greater than any of us could comprehend.  

So as for this week,  I just got done eating at chicken deli, its like a second hand version of mang ingasal.  Basically, you get some meat and then unlimited rice.  Polynesians have actually made it so that we can only get so many things of rice.  Its ok though, because I have not yet beat that record.  The secret to eating this way is to have only a little bit of meat with each spoonful of rice.  Then you can get your ulam, or meal to last or at least 4 scoops of rice.  Then you just drench the rice in chicken sauce until you are full!  I know all of the secrets now to eating like a Polynesian.  Seriously though, the chicken sauce is amazing and I love to order their pork sisig.  

The weather has not gotten any cooler besides the baguio that passed through the other day.  Let me tell you, I had not experienced true rain until that evening.  When I was trying to walk to the tryke from our last appointment (we needed the ryke because all of the streets were flooded) the water came up to past my knees!  I think I may have screamed like a little girl when the coldness enveloped my legs!  My first though was that hopefully no worms would go up my pants!  

When we got back to our appartment our walkway was COVERED with frogs.  I literally believe we may have a frog infestation.  They were in our house, on the walls, everywhere.  We had to spend some time getting them all out of there.  I also experienced my first tree frog and man those things can jump!  

Anyways our work is starting to take a turn for the better!  We had 3 investigators attend church yesterday!  The difference is that they all had friends or family members who came with them to church!  Now how hard is that?  I am hoping more members start to take this initiative because most of our investigators are friends with members!  I feel a lot better now that I am starting to see the results of my work.  It is an amazing feeling to see it pay off.  

Anyways I continue to do good over here.  I just can't seem to ever fill my bottomless stomach!!! Luckily, members are pretty generous over here.  Well I love you all and will send some pictures soon!


Elder Zach Warren

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