Sunday, June 5, 2016

Strengthening the Roots of the Ward

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoyed to talking to you all on Mother's Day!  I am sorry if sometimes it looked like a was zoning out.  The water had taken a long time to fill up the night before so needless to say it was a little bit of a long night.  It only makes me stronger though!  

Well in terms of work, things are going great!  2 investigators attended church, one of them the partner of one of our active members!  I have high hopes for him.  The other investigator is dating a member in our branch.  He seems to feel at peace when he is in the church.  

I gave a talk this week and it was the bomb!  I kid you not, I prepped that baby.  I made sure everything besides the scripture verses were in Tagalog.  It took wayyy too long, but now I have it for future areas!  In fact, I had to cut my talk short, I had 2 long paragraphs left and I had already talked for 17 minutes!  I am proud of myself haha.  

We continue to just work with our investigators little by little.  They continue to progress little by little.  This area may start to bloom.  Hopefully I will still be here when it does!  Another area we have been stressing is Less Actives.  For the longest time we haven't been able to see why they don't like to return and I realized it came down to the members.  Now, they weren't doing anything wrong, they just weren't doing anything.  I have realized that members are key to the ward.  They are like the roots of a tree.  If you get rid of the roots, the rest of the tree dies.  

Well our problem here is that our active members are starting to waver in church attendance.  Elder Sorronda and I put some time in with our active members to help them see their importance and also to see that they need to help strengthen the ward.  Hopefully, our active members, will start to make efforts to bond with everyone in our ward so that the roots of this branch can become long and strong!  

Well I just keep working here and have begun to stress to all the members the importance of showing LOVE!  No more straight faces.  That kind of reminds me of me back in the day...  Anyways i love you all and I know I am such a slacker with pics!!!  Maybe my comp has some.


Elder Warren

emailed on May 16, 2016

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