Monday, January 2, 2017

Short Post on Following our Savior

Hello Family And Everyone!!

Wow, it seems like you have had quite the week but with Thanksgiving break now here, I am sure you all will find some much needed rest and food!  Haha.  Anyways, this week was pretty busy busy busy!  I had to clear a lot of problems with landlords because holidays are around the corner!  But I tried to remain cheerful through it and just took it one day at a time!  

Sadly, my companion and I were pretty busy this week, so we didn't make too much progress with our investigators, but everyone has an off week every once in a while!  At least our American investigator is starting to get back on the right path.  He wasn't doing too well earlier but he looks soo much better now! We try to keep helping him because we know he is struggling.  

We focused on short lessons with him, that leave a positive message about the blessings of enduring and following the commandments of God.  As we do so, he will deliver us from our problems, difficult situations, and most of all our temptations to do bad!  As we know the atonement of Jesus Christ means that Our Savior suffered every pain, affliction, and temptation that we did.  

So when times are hard, we know that our Savior has experienced those difficult situations as well and all he requires us to do is to rely on him with our Faith, Hope, Long Suffering, and Obedience.  If we do so, ultimately we will be even happier than we could have imagined before.  After you beat one temptation, you can beat another and another until the joy and happiness you feel from the Gospel is incomparable to any kind of temptation.  Many people face temptations, but only few have the faith to overcome those temptations!  Let us not fall victim to the darts of the adversary and endure them for the even better joy and happiness that is found in Christ!  

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Warren

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