Monday, January 2, 2017

The Attributes of Christ

Hello Family and Everyone!

This week I would like to call myself the king of problem solving!  being the financial secretary gives me the opportunity to solve problems on a daily basis, and this week I have never seen so many new unfamiliar ones since I got here!  I quite enjoy it though, it reminds me of computer programming, always trying different solutions until something works!  Its also helped me to improve on my patience and to think outside the box!  Anything can be fun if you see it that way!  

This week in terms of work, we are trying to get Brother Randy's family to come to church!  We are making progress but aren't quite there yet but we won't give up!  Brother Jack has recently been having some problems but we were finally able to see him and I expressed our love and concern for him and how much we would love to see him at church again!  I hope that he is able to straighten things out and find the true happiness that only our Heavenly Father can give!  

This week I began to go through the attributes of Christ from the beginning again and something I noticed with Faith, Hope, Charity and Love is that it all begins with Trust and Belief!  There is really no other way to start those attributes unless we have Trust in our Lord and Savior and believe in his teachings.  I noticed that within the first couple of sentence with each section that both of those words were written.  It all leads up to love.  Love requires trust.  Without it, we can not have love.  Any relationship that is not founded on trust will fail, because Love feeds of trust.  In order to have trust we must believe in the individual or object.  We must have the Faith that he, she, or it will help further our lives in the right direction and have a positive influence on us.  That was just a little something I learned in my personal study that I thought was really interesting.  It also really helps me to see where I have to start in order to build myself as a successful missionary and member to our Church.  It all starts with belief and trust.  If we are lacking in either of those two, we must immediately find a way to fix that.  Those two attributes are vital to remaining faithful to Heavenly Father and reminding us daily of why we do the things we do.  Why we follow Christ, why we are here on Earth, why we have commandments that advise us from not following the rest of the world.  Trust and belief is where it starts with everything, so let us start having trust in our Savior through the good and the bad, and when it gets bad, let us have the Belief to know that things will improve!  

So as for those hamburgers, I have no idea whether or not it is actually beef, but I do know this, anything that gets me 4 burgers for $1.50 is the greatest hamburger joint ever!  At least when I am a missionary!  Haha.  So basically the only holiday left now is Christmas, we had all souls day on November 1st and after that it is a straight shot to Christmas.  The Christmas decorations were being set up a month ago, almost everywhere has lights now haha.  They are nice to see at night time when we are going home but I always like to tease my companion and tell him how there is still over a month until Christmas!  But I don't think I can contain his excitement.  

Well, I don't know how much more I have to say about this week.  I am doing well, I love my companion, couldn't ask for anyone better, I love my kabahays, and I love the work.  May we all have trust and believe in our Savior and Redeemer!  

I love you all and until next week,

Elder Warren

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