Monday, October 26, 2015

Surviving the Typhoon

Hello everyone!

So I survived the typhoon!  But just barely hahaha.  We stayed at another group of missionaries apartment because they had electricity.  Our apartment ended up not having electricity at our apartment for 3 days!  For one night we had to use candles.  It was not very fun but I survived!  This week I tried intestines and they were super good!  I also really like the outside skin of pigs.  It is kind of crunchy and they deep it in this like sweet and sour sauce.  Masirap!!!  

So work was just a little hard this week due to the fact that everyone stayed inside because of the storms.  For the first time I led my area because we were on splits in Rizal, our area.  I guess I am a lot better than I thought.  We got a ton of lessons in though because I can't hold a conversation as well as Elder Canencia but they were very powerful messages.  I can definitely see that the Lord has given me a lot of blessings.  

So as for the typhoon itself, it was not too bad.  We did have to stay inside for almost the entire time because it was very windy and the rain was super strong.  Lots of branches fell everywhere, but there wasn't a ton of destruction because everyone was prepared.  There is more trash on the ground now though...  And I know it will never get picked up.  

One lesson we had this week that was very powerful for me was with Brother Mak and Sister Vik.  When we arrived at there house, it was raining and they weren't there.  Now I know you don't know this, but their house is out in the middle of the rice fields.  WE literally had to walk on the very narrow grassways to get to the house.  The powerful part for me was Sister Vik saw us from across the fields and just started running over.  She was yelling "Hello Elders!!!" while plowing through the mud in flip flops only.  Now, maybe she just enjoys being muddy, but to see that a Less Active enjoys having us over that much where she will stop in the middle of the harvest, sprint through mud to come have a lesson is very touching to me.  It was just another experience that showed me how important this work is.  

Its good to hear that Jake is doing well.  That is insane that we only have 2 wards now!  Just make sure dad that you don't overload yourself.  I have definitely learned here that if you feel even a hint that your body is overwhelmed, it is better to take a quick nap.  If you don't, you end up becoming sick and lose a lot of time that you could've saved with only a 30 minute nap.  Anyways I am doing good here, I will continue the work and I love you all!


Elder Warren
(email sent on 10/19/15)







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