Thursday, December 3, 2015

New English Speaking Investigator from Canada

Hello Everyone!!!

Well you actually had QUITE and exciting week.  I have to be honest, you guys beat me!  My work was pretty solid this week, let me tell you.  So ever since I read your last email DAD, I am super trying to get an investigator to progress and be baptized before next cycle.  (By the way, dad I do read your emails every week.)  I haven't really eaten anything too interesting lately besides what I have already had.  The only thing I really have left is balut (duck egg) and I kind of want to save that one for a little bit otherwise there won't be anything fun out there anymore for me to taste.  

Anyways, back to work...  So I found a new investigator from a referral that Brother Rick gave to us.  Brother Rick is a very funny man by the way.  He is always sarcastic, kind of like Grandpa Warren!  Anyways the investigator is from Canada and guess what his first language is...  Thats right ENGLISH!!!!  Oooohhh you don't even know how badly I want this investigator to be the one to progress and become baptized.  He was super energetic too.  He told us he wanted to read the pamphlet on restoration that night and was gonna have a long list of questions for us for our next visit!  He also expressed his excitement to attend church this coming sunday.  Talk about a golden investigator!  I am going to give my English a run for its money for the next couple of weeks because I have a really good feeling about this Canadian.  

Along with that we have found a ton of Less Actives this week.  Many of them have expressed their desire to return to the church but somehow they ALL have something that they have a problem with that takes them away from church.  I guess my companion and I will have to solve those problems for them ;).  While we were going to a less active member's house with our two fellowshippers Nanay Febrero (Nanay Mabeauti!!!) and Brother Kevin, we stumbled upon my first illegal mining area.  The place was ill-hid with a fence covered by a black tarp.  I mean I guess it would be hard for short people to look over the fence, but I have no problem seeing what lied behind the gate.  Brother Kevin quickly advised me not to keep looking over the fence.  I guess he kind of made some sense with that decision.  

I developed a rash this week.  That isn't too much fun.  It is continuing to spread even though I put hydro cortisone cream on it.  If it doesn't heal soon I am afraid I may be out of the sun for a couple of weeks which means no work.  It also may mean that I have to go stay in Cuauyan for some time which would really be a bummer, so I continue to pray that I will become better.  I am glad to hear that Aunt Wendy's family is doing great.  That video was super funny and I really want to see that dog now.  I also super miss golfing.  That was like my life.  

I can't even believe it is already Thanksgiving.  Make sure to be thankful for just about everything that you have there, because it doesn't exist in the Philippines!  You know how hard it is to tell time here.  This is like a year round July here hahaha.  I even hear fireworks every couple of days because kids can get a hold of them for like 5 pesos.  I'm telling you what, if you ever wanted to do a lot of things without having to worry about the law, this is the place to do it.  All of the drivers here think we are shooting a fast and furious film.  My life is on the line every time I take a tryke hahaha.  

Anyways I love you guys and I hope all is well!  

Elder Warren

PS - I am the worst person in the world with cameras.  I don't have any new photos yet.  Sorry

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