Monday, December 21, 2015

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.... Merry Christmas!!

Hello Everyone!

Well this week is Christmas!  I hope you all get all of your wishes and that all of your construction gets finished up sooner rather than later.  

Anyways I had a pretty good week too.  We had our ward Christmas party this week!  Wooh!  I was excited because I got a lot of food and candy.  The activities were super fun to watch haha.  They had an activity where all the adult couples had to feed their spouse a marshmallow using a toothpick that was in their mouth.  We also had nonmembers show up which was awesome and they had  blast!  

This sunday we had 2 new investigators come to church.  Their friends from church invited them to come and they seemed like they would love to return!  Also our canadian investigator has come back!!!  For a while we thought he might have been kidnapped! Hahaha but we have talked to him and he is excited to start coming back to church!  

We have had 2 typhoons this past week!  It definitely made for a wet and windy week and I loved all of it!  I also got a haircut today they way I have wanted it for 2 months and they just finally figured it out... (Should work on my hair cutting directions in Tagalog probably...)  But hey I am super happy now!  Mom I am glad to hear that you were able to accomplish your talk even with all that has been going on.  I hope that grandpa is ok.  Keep me updated on his status and if things get bad.  I am glad its something they can knock out with antibiotics.  
Now back to my week, we had a Christmas devotional on Thursday and I was able to see my Tatay Elder Canencia!  Man he missed me and I missed him.  He took some pictures with me and talked about how we were doing.  It was a really nice devotional.  We really dove into the Christmas story and learned a lot of background history about the birth of Christ and his apostles.  It was incredible what people have figured out about the birth of Christ.  I was really humbled when I found that Christ was most likely born in a cave that was carved into a small hill.  That was what was common for stables back in the day.  The whole devotional was amazing and the spirit it brought really had me pondering on the Spirit of Christmas.  

There was also an amazing video they showed about a man that had a son.  The man operated a Bridge for the Trains and one day the Train didn't notice the bridge was up.  They boy tried to tell his dad, but his dad wasn't paying attention.  The boy fell into a compartment of the bridge and his father had to decide if he would save his son or the bridge.  I guess for the first time in my life I really saw and felt just a glimpse of what Heavenly Father must've felt when he gave His son's life for all of us.  I can't even imagine what sorrow that would bring, but then I saw what good came from that action.  

I feel a renewed sense of commitment to really strive to be more like Christ, in order to show Heavenly Father that His sacrifice was, is, and always will be treasured by his other Sons and Daughters.  "Joy to the World, the Lord is come, let Earth receive her king!" This Christmas season, have joy, remember all of the talents and gifts you have been given, and spread your joy to everyone you meet!  

I love all of you and am excited to see you all soon!!!

Elder Warren

Ward Christmas Party!!

The Marshmallow Game

Merry Christmas!!

Reunited with Trainer

Striking a Christmas Pose!

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