Monday, December 21, 2015

Tis the Christmas Season!!

Hello Everyone!

Another week has gone by!  Time doesn't even exist anymore at this point.  Christmas does not feel like Christmas here, surprisingly it feels like summer.  I wonder why that is...  Anyways Elder Rebojo and I are gearing up our stomachs for the 25th because we are about to be fed by a lot of members!!!  

From the looks of it, I guess I am not the only person who is busy during the Christmas season!  Although I am glad dad gets to meet a lot of members, make sure he enjoys some family time too, after all that IS what me and my companion have been stressing for the past couple of weeks.  Christmas is a time to spend time with your family.  

I can't believe that you guys are redoing the house during Christmas, although it doesn't surprise me.  I am a little glad I don't have to help in cleaning that up...  We have not had as much rain as I would've liked this past week.  I think it only rained once or twice, which made for a very hot week this week.  Its ok though, I am just getting my tan on!  I can't believe I will be 19 either.  I feel like I could be 60 right now hah.  As for requests, I would love more beans aand mac and cheese.  I don't see that stuff here and it tastes amazing!  

Things here are going just fine!  Our Canadian investigator, sadly, has just disappeared for the past three days and no one knows when he will return.  He missed church so at this point, I don't think we can continue with our baptismal date.  A new investigator showed up with his friend on church on Sunday, so I am very hopeful that he will continue to attend!  

I have been really focusing my attention on bringing families together for the past week.  I have felt that it is important to be with your family during this season.  So many people get focused in all the other distractions, that they forget what Christmas is all about.  On Christmas we celebrate the Birth of our Savior, that was also the creation of a family.  I feel that families are very important, especially to the season of Christmas, so spend some time to have some fun just as a family.  The family bond is the strongest thing we have.  Your family supports you and provides for you.  Now is the time to show some love and care back to your family.  

My preparation for Christmas has been taping up the tree that was given to me by the Deavers! Many thanks for that.  I love how we had to attach the star ourselves!  I have also begun reading the scripture passages about the prophesy of the coming of our Lord as well as the Birth of our Savior.  "For God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son..."  I often reflect on the 2 verses in Jon 3:16 and 17.  Those passages are possibly the strongest verses for the missionary work.  It focuses on the main beliefs of our church.  Love and being centered on the Savior.  

During this Christmas season I challenge all of you to really find for yourselves the true meaning of Christmas, being more gracious, and focusing your thoughts towards the Savior.  

Have a great week everyone and wish me luck as I prepare to cook adobo for the first time!  Yum.  

Love you,
Elder Warren

I have attached pictures of a bakery from a member who makes delicious breads and cakes, and me and my companion!

Visiting the Bakery

Freshly Baked Rolls!!

Me and my companion

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