Sunday, July 2, 2017

Another Week in Angadanan

Hello Family and Friends!

It was another good week here in Angadanan!  Work is going great!  We have a ton of investigators and it is very different for me because I came from the office where I was only able to have a couple investigators.  But I enjoy having a lot of people to teach, it makes the time so much more pleasant and enjoyable and the time goes by much faster!  Elder Panton is still doing really well, although I am starting to push him to speak English some more so he can learn it ;)  I know he will be the best at cracking jokes in English when I am done with him!  

Angadanan is a smaller town, but the area in itself is pretty large because I am assigned in a Branch.  Being a District Leader requires a lot more work for me which is ok as long as I make sure to manage it always.  It means I have to do accounting with my district every week and teach a district meeting every tuesday, but that is about it.  

Anyways, this past week I enjoyed reading about baptism.  I thought it was so amazing to read about baptism. Baptism is such a great thing to have in our lives as well as the sacrament.  Those 2 things allow us to be completely forgiven of all of our sins every week if we continue to be worthy to take the sacrament.  I also enjoyed reading about how children do not need to be baptized.  If Our Heavenly Father favored one child over another because one was baptised and one was not, He would be a partial God and would cease to exist.  Isn't that incredible?  

Our Heavenly Father loves all of the children.  He loves them so much, that if they die before they are accountable, he will allow all of them to be saved!  Children are very precious, not just to us, but to even our Heavenly Father so we should treat them as such!  I make sure to always try to cheer up the kids I come across in the street, because not only does their day get better, my day gets better as well!  

Well I love all of you and will talk to all of you again next week!

Elder Warren

Here are some pictures of huge butterflies I cam across while working this week! And the Sisters who like to steal my camera.....!

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