Friday, July 7, 2017

General Conference Highlights and Car Ride with AC

Hello Family and Friends!

Well it was a great week here in Angadanan!  Early this morning I learned that my companion will be transferring!  He seems to be excited and very nervous to move to his second area in the mission.  Haha I remember what that was like!  I will be staying a district leader and later today or tomorrow I will find out who my new companion is!  

So this Saturday and Sunday I had the opportunity to watch general conference and I really enjoyed it.  One of my favorite talkers was Gary B. Sabin.  That man was so funny, I loved when he talked about how we have to be all in when it comes to the gospel.  I had a good laugh how he talked about how when we are not all the way in, there won't be a disturbance in the force.  It is so true.  If we start to wander off of the right path, we will not notice it until we are down a very dangerous path that will be hard to come back from.  I also really enjoyed the talk given by Elder Uchtdorf concerning the men.  Men as leaders really do need to stop taking themselves "so darn seriously."  Although we all have responsibilities here in the church, we should be more humble as we receive a higher calling.  We should try our hardest to serve the people we are responsible for, instead of trying to command them. 

We are all equal as Sons and Daughters of God.  For the reason, and that reason alone, we should not take advantage of the responsibilities we are given.  We should take that opportunity to change more ourselves and become EVEN better servants to the members around us and the people we serve.  There were so many great talks in conference and I really loved them all. 

So work went pretty well this week.  Right now we are working on getting our investigators on coming to church and we are also trying to help some past recent converts who have kind of stopped coming to church.  It's been a little bit of a struggle lately, but we really stress to them the importance of the 3 most basic commandments in our church, pray, read the scriptures daily, and come to church.  As we emphasize this, I am starting to see it click in their minds and in their hearts that they really need to be doing that.  Hopefully they will start coming back soon, so they can feel the true happiness that comes from our gospel!  

My companion and I also kind of had a couple of funny experiences earlier this morning too.  So we went to go get haircuts this morning and when we go to do this, we go jogging together.  Before we started jogging, we were walking and all of the sudden my companion decided he wanted to jump this tall sign.   Hahaha.  Lets just say, he ate it hahaha.  I kind of felt bad for him, but I also was like, why would you do that?!?  He later told me he used to be able to jump that high so I teased him for a little while.  We also had a nonmember, whos cousin is serving a mission, just offer us a ride to town which I was very thankful for!!  It was a double bonus because we were able to contact him, and got a free ride in a nice cool air conditioned car!  Man do I love my work!!!  

Anyways, that was pretty much all that happened this week!  I love you all and hope that everything is going well over there!  

I will see you all soon!

Elder Warren

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